The Popcorn Coffee Roaster

Home coffee roasting is a great hobby that is picking up steam very quickly. With the huge variety of green coffees available now, a coffee lover can easily and very inexpensively get into roasting their own coffee at home. The home roasting coffee community is very friendly and active and always eager to share information related to the hobby. This is very helpful as you become more involved in the home roasting process and want to learn new ways to fine tune your roasting craft. Another caveat is that you can easily find a huge selection of green unroasted beans available for sale in small batches for very reasonable prices.

Green, unroasted, coffee beans usually only cost half the price of roasted beans sold in the coffee shops or grocery stores. The avid coffee drinker can save a great deal of money by roasting their own as well. Furthermore you don't have to make a large equipment investment to roast at home. I started home roasting by buying a Nostalgia Electrics Hot Air Popper off of ebay. They usually sale for around $40 dollars or so. There are more advanced roasters that you can invest in as you expand your craft, but you'll get great batch of coffee from one of many hot air popcorn poppers available on the market.

On this website you will find articles and tips on popcorn popper coffee roasting, along with videos and weekly blog postings related to the home coffee roasting hobby. We also have a store with unroasted green coffee beans and hot air popcorn poppers that can be used in roasting at home.

Sit back and great ready because the best cup of coffee is still ahead of you. Welcome to the wonderful world of popcorn coffee roasting.

Master Popcorn Coffee Roaster