National Geographic coffee page

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Just came across the National Geographic page dedicated to coffee and it is quite interseting. The site has a history of coffee, descriptions of the different coffee varieties and a map of coffee-producing countries. The also have a page dedicated to different type of roast and a great article by Ethel A. Starbird, entitled: The Bonanza Bean: Coffee.

Kenya coffee websites

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I came across two great websites today on Kenya coffee. The first website is the Kenya Coffee Traders Association. They have very accurate information on the Kenyan coffee industry, compiled by active industry participants. They also list a ton of great info including a quarterly newsletter, crop forecasts, statistics, exporters batting list, destinations and monthly reports all updated on a regular basis.

The second site is the Coffee Board of Kenya. They also have a ton of great free information related to the Kenyan coffee industry.

Welcome to the blog!

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Welcome to the Popcorn Coffee Roaster coffee blog. Please check back often and see our latest post on the wonderful world of home coffee roasting using nothing more than a hot air popcorn popper.