Green Brazilian Santos Coffee Beans

Brazil is the biggest coffee producer in the entire world, mostly because of it's excellent growing conditions which allow it to grow approximately 35% of the world's coffee. One would think that a country that is so synonymous with coffee would have a long history of growing it, however this is not the case. Coffee was brought to Brazil in the early 1700's from France. The favorable growing conditions found in Brazil allowed the plants to prosper, and their vibrant coffee industry was born. The most popular region for coffee production is the Santos region of Brazil with is located in a region known as Sul de Minos. Brazilian Santos coffee derives it's name from the port that most of the coffee passes through as it's transported to locations around the world.

Brazil relies on the exports of Brazilian Santos coffee for it's economic survival and generations of farmers have been growing coffee and perfecting it for years. The result is a coffee known worldwide for it's mild and smooth finish, light to medium body with little acidity. Some have said that Brazilian Santos coffee has a slightly earthy tone, especially when roasted in the traditional manner.