Green Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans

High quality coffee has long been associated with Columbia, with many an advertisement boasting of 100% Columbian coffee. As one of the world's largest coffee producers, Columbian's have perfected coffee growth and production with their Arabica coffee trees. These trees produce high quality coffee berries after being grown at a high altitude. Because they are grown in the shade, their growth is slowed, resulting in a coffee berry which is intense in flavor with plenty of personality.

The “Supremo” portion of Columbia Supremo coffee is derived from the size of the bean. Far too often Columbian coffee that ends up on grocery store shelves is Columbian as they say, however made from inferior, small beans. Columbian Supremo coffee on the other hand is made with only the very best, larger beans. This coffee can come from various regions in Columbia, but one of the best is from the Bucaramanga region where the soil and rainfall make it perfect for growing larger beans.

Columbian Supremo coffee has notes of berry or current, with a smoky flavor and aroma that is quite sweet. Low acid and full bodied make this a delightful coffee with plenty of personality.