Green Guatemalan Antigua Coffee Beans

Grown in Guatemala, in the coffee district of Antigua, this coffee is grown at very high altitudes. Usually found growing at an altitude of least 3000ft, it's often sought after all over the world and usually makes it way to Europe, where it's often used in making Espresso.

For new coffee drinkers, this may be a good coffee to consider. Often the complaint among those not yet accustomed to some of the more robust coffees is that it's simply too strong. Guatemala Antigua coffee on the other hand is a nice, well rounded coffee. It's well balanced with a spicy hint and a generally smoky flavor, but overall a smooth coffee. A balanced coffee tends to appeal more to those looking for a more moderate flavor.

If you're brewing Guatemalan Antigua coffee at home, you will find that it will fill your home with a very fragrant aroma. If this coffee could be compared to any other coffee currently in existence, many people claim that it's similar to Kona, which originates from Hawaii. If you're familiar with Kona you know that this is an expensive coffee, so buying Guatemalan Antigua coffee is a good way to have an exceptional tasting coffee, but at a reasonable price.