Green Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

Just as the name suggests, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is grown in the Blue Mountain region of the beautiful island of Jamaica. This coffee is most often credited with having a lack of bitterness and a mild flavor, which has propelled it to the forefront of being one of the most sought after coffee's is the entire world.

Like some other coffee producing countries, Jamaica has a regulatory body that oversees the growth and production of coffee. In the case of Jamaica, it's the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. All coffee that is considered to be Blue Mountain coffee is certified by this board and must be grown at elevations between 3,000 and 5,500 ft.

The Blue Mountain district of Jamaica is located between the capital city of Kingston and traveling down to Port Maria. The highest elevations in the area reach about 7500 ft, which has been credited for such high quality coffee. Plenty of water with good drainage and a warm climate year-round make this a great place to grow coffee.

In terms of taste, this is a mild coffee with a nice, clean flavor with a hint of sweet. Rich, bold and smooth are all terms which best describe the taste of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, which is recognized throughout the world as an exceptional and sought after coffee.