Green Kenya AA Coffee Beans

Most commonly understood as a type of coffee, Kenya AA coffee is actually a classification of coffee rather than a roast or specific flavor. That's not to say that Kenya AA coffee doesn't have a distinct flavor, just to say that generally the coffee is grown in Kenya and has gone through their rigorous grading process. Various grades exist and are differentiated by size, shape and density of the bean, as determined by the Coffee Board of Kenya.

Kenya is a country that is known for it's high quality coffee, where their high altitude and soil conditions are usually the key factors in making Kenya AA coffee. Most often, coffee that is graded as Kenya AA is grown in the regions between Mt. Kenya, stretching all the way to the capital city, Nairobi.

In terms of flavor, coffee grown in these regions is described as having a bright acidity, medium body and may have slightly sweet undertones. Long time coffee connoisseurs have also noted that there's a slight flavor of black current present, which adds yet another dimension to this superior coffee. In the end, Kenya AA is less bitter than other coffee's and tends to get high praise.