Green Mexican Altura Coffee Beans

Often coffee from Mexico is passed by for other South or Central American coffee's but this should not be the case, especially with Mexican Altura coffee. This well balanced, single origin coffee is grown in the region of Mexico known as the Coatapec region. Just like many areas that produce exceptional coffee, this region is well known for it's volcanic soil and high altitudes. The name “Altura” translated from Spanish to English actually means: height, altitude, loftiness, nobleness. Mexican Altura coffee is often consistent in quality and taste and even as the coffee starts to cool, it's still tastes great.

Quite often you will find this coffee in a blend, rather than as a single origin coffee, however it is a delightful coffee in its own right. Mexican Altura coffee is considered to be somewhere between a medium and full bodied coffee, but closer to medium and is one of the finest coffees available today. The coffee beans from this region are some of the largest available in any coffee and the tends to have a note of hazelnut and some sweetness. As for acidity, Mexican Altura coffee is more of a medium acidity coffee and is most often enjoyed first thing in the morning.