Green Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee Beans

Even though peaberrys can be found or grown in almost every coffee-producing region in the world, they are almost always singularly associated with Tanzania. Peaberrys are actually the result of a genetic misfire with the coffee fruit since peaberrys are a single roundish bean, whereas typical coffee beans are flatter and come in pairs, even when from the same crop. Some myths say that even though it is a single bean, it carries the flavor of two beans.

This crop prefers shade and is grown near the Kenyan border on hills of Mount Kilimanjaro or in the Mbeya region of south Tanzania. Peaberrys only make up approximately 5% of coffee produced in Tanzania and because it is so rare, Tanzanian Peaberry coffee is considered gourmet.

When properly brewed, Tanzanian peaberry coffee is quite rich and smooth, often having an acidity that is winy, but light and typically has a medium body. It is also said to have an unusual brightness and can have a very intense complexity. Depending on the roast, it can have berry or apple undertones. Some say that it is similar to Kenyan in its hints of fruit, but it is less acidic. Tanzanian Peabody coffee is often a favorite first-thing in the morning.