Coffee Roasting Popcorn Poppers

There are several hot air popcorn poppers which will do a great job roasting green coffee at home. The most popular one is the original 1500 Watt West Bend Poppery and the 1200 Watt West Bend Poppery II. The West Bend Poppery 2 is a bit smaller and has less 300 less watts. Both models from west Bend will work. Also there is the Nostalgia Electrics Hot Air Popper, model OFP501. this is still available on the market and makes for a great starter roaster as well. It only has 1080 watts, but the design helps hold in the heat well.

There are several other models of popcorn poppers that will work as well. The biggest thing you want to look for, is that the popper uses side air vents to induce air into chamber. do not use hot air poppers with the screen in the bottom as they are not safe and will not roast your beans adequately. Another aspect you will want to consider is the wattage and the design. The higher the wattage the hotter the air. The better the design shape, the more evenly the popper will retain the heat.

Below are links to the two most popular makes of popcorn makes used in home coffee roasting. Each link will give the maker specifications and will give you listings to buy your popcorn maker for that certain brand.

west_bend_poppery_2_corn_popper nostalgia_electrics_hot_air_popper1
West Bend Poppery Popcorn Popper Nostalgia Electrics Hot Air Popcorn Popper